Incredible Features of Pilar Agung Sejahtra

Product & Design

PT PILAR AGUNG SEJAHTRA has a diverse product and design.


There was many big companies are already working with us

Following many events

PT PILAR AGUNG SEJAHTRA has been trusted in the preparation of many famous events

Build to make you proud

PT Pilar Agung Sejahtra

Exhibition Contractor

  • Back Drop And Stage
  • Improve Design
  • Official Contractor
  • Overseas
  • Special Design


PT. Pilar Agung Sejahtra is an International Exhibition & Interior Contractor company found by Linda.T on 2010. In relatively short time, the goverment, private companies, also leading multinational companies have entrust us as their partner.



Ruko Sedayu Square Blok C/29

Jalan Lingkar Luar Barat, Cengkareng

Jakarta Barat

Phone: (62-21) 2225-7172

Phone: (62-21) 2225-7672

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