About us

PT. Pilar Agung Sejahtra

International Exhibition & Interior Contractor


Creating Your Dream Booth
Exhibition is one of the best event to expand your business and network. However, you cant just join it, you have to give a positive impression to the stakeholders. As the first thing that give impressions to visitors, your booth need to be carefully designed as it represents both your company image and your seriousness in business, along as a place to communicate and do transaction with your customers

Mission :

4 Pillars of PT. Pilar Agung Sejahtra
Our credibility and the trust from clients was built on 4 things:

1. On-time delivery
Just like you, we treasure time and always striving to meet the approvedtimelines to ensure that the production and installation phase can be delivered on time.

2. Reliability
We always discuss with clients to create their dream design with considering many factors such as material, color, price, and the feasibility study of the constructions.

3. Experienced staffs
We hire experienced staffs who can help you make the decisions by offering alternatives, also guarantee your safety through the construction. Through this consulting phase, we often meet new ideas that are unimaginable before.

4. Having our own workshop
Having our own workshop means that we have greater degree of control during production phase. Our workshop is always open for inspection to let you know the progress of the ongoing production, and also to avoid misunderstanding on the designs.

About Us:

PT. Pilar Agung Sejahtra is an International Exhibition & Interior Contractor company found by Linda T. on 2010. In relatively short time, the government, private companies, also leading mulitnational companies have entrust us as their partner.

PT. Pilar Agung Sejahtra has been working on exhibitions not only in Indonesia, but also all over the world such as Thailand, Hongkong, China, India, Libya, United Arab Emirates, South Africa, Australia and Switzerland. We are doing the business by giving the security and comfort to our clients.